Turkey Hunts

Eastern Turkey Hunting
The Eastern turkey hunt in my opinion is one of the hardest  hunts and turkeys to kill. 2018 will be our first year guiding for the Eastern Turkey and have been working hard to prepare properties for a high success rate. We have some new land that has not been hunted on in several years and we cannot wait for the season to get here. If you are looking for a great hunt with some wonderful people East TN is the place for you.
Our TN Turkey Hunts Include:
1. 1 day turkey hunts
2. One on One Semi or fully guided
3. Transportation during the hunt
Not Included:
1. Transportation to and from the airport
2. Hunting Gear
3. License
4. Taxidermy Fees
1. 600.00 Full Day Hunts, (850.00) 2 Day Hunts
2. 100.00 non refundable deposit at time of booking per person
2. (15% to 20% tip to our guides is common)
Information on the Eastern Turkey
The Eastern Turkey is similar to the Osceola, but lighter in color and are found north of Florida. Larger in size as well.
Average day of Eastern Turkey Hunting in East TN
Arrive to lodging the day before to meet up with your guide to attempt to roost a bird, finish up ad go find somewhere to eat. Start out early the next morning for some Eastern Turkey Hunting in East TN. We use either store bought, or man made blinds or the run and gun style It all depends on the guide, hunter, and the area you will be hunting. In the mornigs the birds respond well to decoys and a little calling. Most Easterns are killed in the mornings.
After the morning hunt we will go rest and re group and meet back to return to the woods mid day sit. In the  midday and afternoon hunts, we set up on travel areas and where the birds roost.
Our guides are great turkey callers and know the area very well. We have local taxidermist that does well, so you can leave your turkey here and will ship it to you after it is mounted. We also have guns (set up for turkey hunting) for you to use if you do not want to worry about bringing one with you.
Our goal is to make sure that you kill your first Eastern Turkey in East Tennessee!!